Duelon the


June 22nd, 2024

Salem Community College – DuPont Field House
460 Hollywood Avenue
Carneys Point, NJ

Event Schedule

Below is the full day schedule, this is subject to changed based on the field’s schedule.

8:00 AM

Doors Open & Load-in

  • Teams Enter through the Davidow Doors (Hosted in Dupont Field House, Davidow Building)
  • Pit Load-in is through the rear door. Please see the Load-in Crew Lead for an organized load-in.

Concessions will open be open immediately for drinks and prepackaged food.
Pre-ordered waters will be delivered to your pit before you arrive!

8:45 AM

Opening Ceremony          (Live Streamed with F.U.N.)

9:00 AM

Qualification Matches Begin

12:30 PM

Alliance Selection

1:00 PM

Lunch & Field Break

Coaches! Check your email for your Lunch order form!

2:00 PM*

Elimination rounds begin

6:00 PM*

Awards and Closing Ceremonies


Take A Byte out of Hunger

Please contribute to those in need in our community. The team that donates the most food to our local food pantry will receive this special award.

Mike Wade Volunteer

Chosen from team submissions, nominees are mentors or volunteers who have made a significant impact.

Duel on the Delaware Inspire Award

New!  Duel on the Delaware Inspire Award celebrates a graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, inspiration, and leadership during their time in the FIRST Robotics program. This award recognizes their potential to continue making significant contributions as they embark on their academic and professional journeys. The winner will be chosen from nominees submitted by participating teams.

Local Hotels:


    Salem Community College

    Duel on the Delaware is held at Salem Community College in Davidow Hall


    Attending Teams

    RoboWarriors 41

    High Voltage Robotics 369

    StuyPulse 694

    The MidKnight Inventors 1923

    Demon Robotics 4342

    MC Crusaders 7045

    LUNATECS 316

    Firebirds 433

    SciBorgs 1155

    Fe Maidens 2265

    Gemini 4575

    RetroRobotics 7414

    Miss Daisy 341

    Roboforce 484

    SCH Robotics 1218

    Krypton Cougars 2539

    Fightin' Robotic Owls 5401

    Robo Griffins' 8714

    Miracle Workerz 365

    Montclair Robotics 555

    Sab-BOT-age 1640

    The Fighting RoboVikings 2607

    Falcobots 5457

    Questionable Engineering 9015


    Thank you to FMA, Salem Community College, and our Volunteers for supporting our event!

    Thank you to South Jersey Robotics and affiliated teams for supporting our event!

    Duel on the Delaware is returning to Salem Community College in Carneys Point, NJ! Hosted by Team 316, the LUNATECS, our June 22, 2024 event will feature a celebration of all 2024 graduates, professional robot photos, a grad-themed Photo Booth and more!

    We are pleased to announce that the following special awards* will be presented:

    [see above]

    Mock FIRST Impact Presentations: Teams will have a chance to practice their Impact presentation and receive feedback from experienced judges. Many teams use this opportunity to practice with new presentation teams.

    Building on the popularity of last year’s FIRST Impact Award seminar, this year’s “Highlighting Individual Contributions and Your Team’s Story: A Guide to Award Submissions

    will focus on helping increase the number of teams submitting all awards, including Woodie Flowers and Deans List awards.

    We expect another fantastic event with intense competition, our unique team-designed awards, and special Duel on the Delaware 2024 t-shirt design–all amounting to a great way to close out the year and allow the seniors to compete with their teams one more time.